Would you like to participate
as a performer or group?


Comedy, theatre
and circus acts

Dear Street Performers,

Please send all the necessary details (contacts, description of your act, photos and full-length video recording of the act you intend to present, with original audio) via email to info@artistidistrada.ch.

Applications can be made at any time of the year, but as the selection of acts is usually finalized by March, the best time to send in your proposal is between December and February.

As we receive many hundreds of proposals, we are unable to guarantee a reply to unsuccessful applicants for the year in question, and trust you will understand if you do not hear from us.

We await your applications!

Warm regards. 

Masha Dimitri and Emmanuel Pouilly
Artistic Directors



Dear Musicians,

Starting from season 2019, the committee has decided to extend the invitation also to the very talented street musicians who pack out squares throughout the world.

However, unlike for performers of comedy, theatre and/or circus acts, the number of participants is much more limited (maximum 5 musicians/groups), and performances, except in specially arranged cases, will take place on the Saturday and Sunday evenings.

No stage nor sound service/lighting will be provided, and priority will be given to musicians who only require the minimum of amplification, and who stand out for their originality (costumes, homemade instruments etc.).

Are you interested in participating?

I look forward to receiving your full application (contact, video with original sound) via email to: info@amascona.ch

With best regards.

Marco Fertile
Coordinator AMA


Rules and conditions
of partecipation


The ascona street performers festival (artistidistrada) is organized by associazione manifestazioni ascona (ama) with the support of ascona municipal council, tourist office otlmv, ticino tourism, and hôtellerie suisse, and with the participation of various other sponsors.

Sign up/application 

The sign up application form (accompanied by cd, dvd, photos and complete description of the performance proposed for the festival) must be sent to the artistic directors by 15 march of the current year.

It is possible to send all documentation via email.  


The artistic directors will select participants on the basis of complete applications received.

Selection of participants is, and will be, the sole responsibility of the artistic directors.

Performance times 

As a general rule each performer/group will present their show 8-9 times over the course of the 4-day festival.

Each participant will receive a timetable of the performances to be held in the various squares, and each must strictly adhere to this timetable.

Each participant must arrive at the performance venue early to allow enough time for preparation (physical and/or logistical).

All artistes/groups may be invited to perform during a communal variety show; in this case, participation is obligatory.

Equipment and technology 

Each performer/group must be completely independent for their own equipment, technology, and for the various logistics.

The organizers will provide, in each of the four equipped areas, an electrical supply point, a sound system (with various input/output connections) and a microphone.

Any other requirements for the satisfactory performance of a show must immediately be notified to the artistic directors for authorization.

Please note: performers/groups from abroad should be in possession of an adapter for the swiss electricity network.

Services, board and lodging  

No recompense will be paid to the performer/group, except a contribution to expenses; therefore a hat may be passed around at the end of the show for tips.

Different rules apply to “off” performers/groups, as per initial arrangements with the artistic directors.

All participating performers (in and off) will be guaranteed six meals free of charge (friday – dinner; saturday and sunday lunch/dinner; monday – lunch).

Any accompanying family members, friends or colleagues have the possibility to eat at the same facility upon payment of small contribution.

A hotel room on a bed and breakfast basis is guaranteed to all participating performers for the three nights of the festival (friday-saturday-sunday).

Any accompanying family members, friends or colleagues can stay in the same room on condition this does not create any supplementary costs for the organizers.

Bad weather

In case of bad weather or force majeure, the organizers – in collaboration with the artistic directors – have the possibility to modify and/or cancel the programme.

Where possible, an alternative “rainy weather programme” will be offered.

The performer will not be entitled to any indemnity.


Each participant must be fully covered for any eventuality on their own insurance policy.

The organizers decline any responsibility and reject any legal claim against them.

Ama therefore cannot be held liable for any incident (material and/or physical) concerning the performer and his/her equipment, or concerning the public (including clothing, handbags, backpacks, personal objects, mobile phones, cameras, …) or concerning municipal public property/private property (either moveable or immoveable).

Public prize  

The performer/group who has received the most number of public votes will receive a cash prize.

Artistic direction contact:

Festival Artistidistrada c/o Masha Dimitri Via Madonna della Fontana 3 6612 Ascona info@artistidistrada.ch