No Funny Stuff are an eccentric and infectiously likeable Jug Band.

One American, two natives of Molise and an Italian armed with bizarre homemade instruments recycled from objects plucked out of the garage, the kitchen, the toy basket, or the cellar. An unforgettable stage-show that leaves you wanting more!
In inspiration, their music is decidedly “old timey” or retro, but at the same time is powered by an energy that is typical of punk rock. Vintage sounds of 20’s swing, of country blues and rural folk mingle and merge with pop and modern rock in a unique and irresistible combination.
There is no stage too big or too small for No Funny Stuff – whether they perform on the street as buskers, in clubs, theatres, squares or at festivals, the dazzling excitement of their eclectic show will be sure to get you out of your seat and immerse you in a whirlwind of outfits, colours, moods and music.  

The band took shape in Rome in 2014, brainchild of Giuseppe Cassa, eclectic guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Molise, as well as creator of weird musical instruments, and Mike Botula, Californian punk rock bassist with years of experience on the international scene, a ukulele convert. The pair’s chance meeting came about through being stuck in a lift together. Legend has it that No Funny Stuff’s first single was written in that lift.

Two others came on board to complete the line-up: another native of Molise, Giuseppe Petti on the washboard and Gabriele Hintermann, who was replaced in 2017 by rockabilly double bassist Fabio Gabbianelli.

The jug band started out as buskers and quickly became well-known on the streets of Rome, where they attracted both curiosity and enthusiasm from the public, and straight away generated great demand.

Since 2014 to date they have performed live countless times all over Italy, ranging from the small stages of clubs, bars, private and corporate events to the large stages of theatres and squares, town festivals and fairs; they have participated in the following festivals dedicated to ecology and recycling RiScArti, Re Boat Race; numerous street performer festivals Sarnico Buskers Festival, Tolfarte, Pe’ Strada for Emergency, Guastalla Buskers, Scalea in Piazza and many more; in 2016 they were invited to Ferrara Buskers the biggest festival dedicated to street musicians and won the public contest for the best participating artiste;

They have taken part in television programmes such as Ci Pensa Mainardi on Fox Life, Tu Si Que Vales on Canale 5, going through to the next round with 4 out of 4 votes from the judges and 96% of the public vote, I Soliti Ignoti on Rai 1.


April 2015: release of first EP, “No Funny Stuff” produced independently with the money collected in a hat on the streets of Rome, and recorded in just six hours, in one live take without editing or post-production in order to preserve the 20’s style and to capture the alchemy of the group’s live sound.

2016: No Funny Stuff return to the studio, and record “Don’t Worry Be Funny!” 13 songs including originals and cover versions.

August 2017: release of When I Grow Up, an album that combines original material written between 2016 and 2017 and famous cover versions re-arranged in the No Funny Stuff style.